Publications, painting, drawings, posters, sculptures, collages, books. Nik’s work appears in various forms absorbing text, images, objects and the surrounding carefully. This constant intake of information, ideas, thoughts and visions evokes a strong fluidity and continual metamorphosis of his work - standstill is seen as an alien concept. In fact, Nik’s work derives from and turns into another work at various times and locations - the work comes alive in the place of its reception. As the art critic and curator Bob Nickas put it “Planck has slowly but surely established a recognizable repertoire that always feels experimental, a rebellious jukebox, we might say. No song is ever played the same way twice.” La Folie is exemplary for Nik’s practice as this painting developed over the course of nearly one year. The canvas being a gathering place for scenes, made up situations and vignettes or perhaps as a mannequin with fashion or clothing - ripped, collaged, hanging by the threads. Nik’s drawings are very organic and highly intimate as they represent different angles and perspectives of his practice. One could say that they serve as guide and indicator for his thoughts highlighting how multifaceted his work is. The title La Folie refers to Nik’s performative sometimes ‘mad’ merging of images in which hallucinations and visions are conjured and new scenes created. On a subtle but important note, the work comes from America, which right now, more than ever before, is a collage of visions both skewed, derailed, depraved but also hopeful, strong and persistent to what is right and courageous. The work invites the viewer to step through, to engage, to question, to challenge, to examine and to explore the liveliness and fluidity of thought, which today is more important than ever.

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