Rosa Lüders’ practice evolves around a tangible visual language of image and form. Material and its properties are particularly important to Lüders. Her objects – shiny and overall appealing – imply unfulfilled longings for success and joy. In her work, Lüders challenges the viewers expectation by uncovering layers of specific narratives that appear like a secret langue. Her glitzy objects that are often representatives for luck, winning or losing, explore the ambiguous double-nature of certain symbols and signs taken from, for example, popular gambling games or iconographic spiritual ritual practices to expose the truth, namely, that texture and surface of the work deceive the viewer. What is expected from the object, an actual desire projected on to it, remains unfulfilled. The shimmering surface – a semblance that emphasises a feeling of longing, which is unattainable. Along the lines of ‘all that glitters is not gold’, Lüders underlines the magnetic attraction of sparkle and how desires are shaped through the joyful imagination of a supernatural advantage.

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