In his multifaceted conceptual work, Frohne-Brinkmann examines the human condition by looking into the various forms of human interaction, conduct, creation and appropriation in relation to the environment. Looking at the intersection between early cultural forms and popular imagery, Frohne-Brinkmann is interested in conveying entertainment values into his visual art. Inherently questioning the human approach to cultural heritage, the work attends to the many ways in which humans would envision the world at different points in time. Serving from the existing, Frohne-Brinkmann’s work oftentimes looks deceptively real in order to address and overturn supposed certainties that can be found within the realm of various manifestations of representation. Frohne-Brinkmann creates a space of representation, which encompasses the high art of deduction and seduction taking into account the works identity as well as its narrative that is produces by its surrounding.

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