Frieder Haller’s practice centers around the structures and dynamics of interpersonal relationships, dealing with the social narratives of a (post-)modern society and their habitual properties and accompanying privileges. His own sociological observations regarding self-(re)presentation in daily life are transformed within the artistic process and serve as a foundation for the fictitious narrations, where he adapts scenes of a social microcosm and plugs them into immersive playgrounds inspired by theatrical stage design. These settings, are either presented as static still life or are being activated through sound, camera and actors. Using fiction as a tool to speculate and redefine concepts about social conditions and desires, in his surreal sculptures and objects Haller works with text, spacial interventions and miniature models as forms of expression. Therefore, in Hallers work the medium film is used as a result of a multilayered process, which links the various themes and techniques already existing in his practice, in sync. Interiors and architectural structures here, become the stage for various narratives in Hallers practice that at first seem superficially familiar, but turn out to be exaggerated and disturbing modifications of everyday life. Objects are removed from their original context and take part in an grotesque spectacle, that thereby also expands into the exhibition space as backdrops en miniature.

Besides his individual practice, Haller is part of the artist initiative Root Canal and formerly has been running the project space Belle Air/ New Bretagne in Essen with friends and collaborators.

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