In his work, Emanuel Mauthe addresses gestures and signs of a post-postmodernist society. It is in the hinges between taste and individualism that Mauthe seeks for fragments and remnants of a lost magical culture. While searching the most unexpected places – hobbyism, photoblogs, front yard decorations, the men’s restroom – Mauthe comes across expressions of resistance that are directed against a global language. These found emblematic fragments are then reassembled by Mauthe, who gathers and consolidates them in objects, drawings, textiles and furniture. Lead by mere animism, Mauthe develops work that oftentimes references a potential utility – camouflaged as product or mock up. In that regard, approximate ideas and improvisation are constant companions. Occasionally, Mauthe reads or performs in his settings, which again opens up a further line of his transitional practice in which his installations turn into stages and his objects into props.

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